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23/04/2018 / Graham Lowe



Technology is driving innovation and improvement in the life safety sector, and it is becoming increasingly important to ensure our installers are up to speed with the latest products and legislation. Here, Mark Smith, UK Sales Manager at Hochiki Europe, expands on Simon Massey’s earlier blog in which he explained how fire safety manufacturers should use their time and expertise to help installers stay ahead of the ever-changing game.

Today’s life safety technologies are more intelligent and more complex than ever, with inter-connectivity making systems ultra-efficient and reliable. Legislation has been developed to provide the highest standards of guidance – but, of course, these progressions have brought a number of challenges with them. At Hochiki Europe, we believe there is an industry-wide need to invest in educational resources, and provide customers with bespoke training, guidance and support. Training customers is key when it comes to ensuring the effectivity of life safety systems and standards should be frequently revisited by industry professionals.

Changing standards

A recent example of this are the changes to the BS 5266-1 2016 Emergency Lighting Code of Practice (CoP). The standard introduces a wider range of categories and new guidance regarding testing and maintenance. We recently hosted a CPD-approved emergency lighting webinar to help raise awareness of the changes, which actually proved to be one of the most successful sessions we’ve ever hosted. Offering this kind of insight is an accessible and easy way to help educate our stakeholders on the latest legislation.

We also host a number of other courses and provide tools to help train industry professionals on our intelligent products. In 2015, we extended our range of EN54-23 compliant Visual Alarm Devices (VADs). To help installers comply with the introduction of EN54-23, we created a simple configuration table which allowed customers to select the VAD most suited to their environment simply by answering a series of questions.

Continuous improvement & technical support

Over the last century, Hochiki has been continuously committed to educating the wider sector. Our Technical Support Department are a fundamental part of the business, responsible for delivering our comprehensive, structured product training courses. They are also on hand to provide telephone and email support for our stakeholders. This training provides customers with an understanding of our products as well as boosting their confidence in advising and supporting their own clients. Working in conjunction with the technical team, our Regional Sales Managers also offer field training on a selection of product ranges, as well as CPD and CIBSE-accredited seminars.

As the world becomes increasingly reliant on its electrical systems, there is a growing need for electricians in society. It is vital that manufacturers and installers maintain a mutually beneficial relationship, and continue supporting each other in these changing times.

For more information about the training offered by Hochiki Europe, and our products, visit, or email me at

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