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27/07/2015 / Graham Lowe


Infographic for Fire Safety Installers Survey Q1 2015You may remember we wrote a couple of months ago about how important it is for the people installing and maintaining life safety systems to have in-depth knowledge of the latest fire safety and building legislation. This understanding is vital to give building owners the support they need to comply with increasingly rigorous regulations and stay up to date with industry developments.

In spite of the importance of such insight though, a recent study carried out by Hochiki Europe has found that nearly half (49%) of European life safety equipment installers are not familiar with the latest fire and emergency lighting legislation. What’s more, nearly two-fifths (39%) of respondents admitted they had not received any fire or emergency lighting training in the last two years.

Hochiki Europe’s research found significant discrepancies in the level of legislative knowledge between sectors as well. Eight out of ten (83%) respondents feel they have enough insight to deliver the best fire safety solution for public sector or leisure projects, while less than a fifth (18%) said they felt this way about offshore environments, a key growth sector for European installers.

The lack of understanding revealed by the study is worrying – it potentially means that thousands of businesses across Europe are not compliant with the latest guidance and legislation, jeopardising the safety and wellbeing of building users.

However, installers do understand and see the benefits of training in enabling them to carry out their work effectively. According to the research, nine in ten installers felt their clients would benefit from them receiving more training. Of those that had received training, three-quarters felt confident or very confident in understanding different types of fire safety technology, and recommending and designing a fire safety solution.

Moreover, while 60% expect industry bodies to keep them updated on legislation, over two thirds (67%) look to life safety system manufacturers to give them the training they need to properly support their customers.

With this in mind, it’s clear that manufacturers need to take greater responsibility for improving knowledge about regulations among installers. This is something that Hochiki Europe has been dedicated to doing for a number of years now, through comprehensive CPD courses and other specialist training.

The survey results highlight just how vital it is that development programmes continue to be provided for all members of the fire industry. Not only will they help installers feel more confident in their jobs, they will support installers in protecting the lives of people across Europe by ensuring that every building, no matter its function, meets the latest fire safety standards.

To find out more about Hochiki’s CPD offering, please click here.

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