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05/05/2015 / Graham Lowe

Getting in Shape with Fire Safety Training

As discussed in our last blog, it is crucial for those installing and maintaining emergency lighting systems, as well as those designing them, to have in-depth knowledge of the latest fire safety and building legislation – something that’s just as true for fire safety equipment. It doesn’t matter which products installers are fitting, this understanding is important to support building owners to ensure compliance with the increasingly rigorous regulations and to stay up to date with developments in the industry.

For example, visual alarm devices (VADs) have been a legal requirement in the UK since the passing of the Disability Discrimination Act to ensure the elderly and the hard of hearing are alerted to a fire safety incident as quickly as possible. However, VADs technology and the guidance regarding their installation have developed further in recent years, especially with the introduction of the new BS EN 54-23:2010 standard in 2014 to harmonise existing guidelines and take into account the needs of the ageing population.

The best way for installers and maintenance teams to get the information they need and hone their skills is for them to take part in regular training and development programmes.

Training courses can help attendees stay up to date on new building regulations and also enable them to build on their existing skills and expertise to ensure they continue to install life safety equipment to the highest possible standard. They can also provide guidance around particular products to customers both to comply with legislation, and to optimise operational efficiency and cut energy consumption.

The Fire Industry Association (FIA) offers a host of development opportunities for its members, ranging from courses about fire safety and emergency lighting product design, to system installation, maintenance and testing. Life safety specialists can also get in-depth training from Hochiki Europe through its Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programme. Approved by both the CPD Certification Service and CIBSE, these technical seminars aim to help professionals improve their skills and knowledge to ensure they remain fully up to date with the latest developments in the industry, both in terms of technology and regulations.

Taking advantage of the training opportunities available, installers and contractors can keep on top of an ever-changing life safety environment. In doing so, they can help building owners protect their properties and safeguard the wellbeing of their occupants as cost-effectively as possible.

For more information on CPD courses provided free by Hochiki Europe visit: You can also contact Hochiki Europe on 0044 (0)1634 266 566, or email:

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