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28/10/2014 / Graham Lowe


For many years now, we at Hochiki have been committed to giving our teams the tools they need to develop their skills to enable them to advance their careers within the company. Our team members enjoy this supportive atmosphere, which is why so many stay, ensuring our customers benefit from their experience and expertise in the life safety sector.

A perfect example of this is Hochiki stalwart, Manabu Dohi. Dohi began working for Hochiki Japan as a member of the Sensor Development team in 1996, before moving to Hochiki Europe in 2010. He has recently been promoted to technical liaison manager, heading up the day-to-day running of the Technical team, as well as the global development of fire detection and alarm systems.

During his time at Hochiki, Dohi has been responsible for a number of technological breakthroughs. These include the creation of the company’s flagship DCD and DFJ heat detector series for both the EN (European) and UL (United States and Middle East) markets, as well as the smoke chamber for the SLV and ALK smoke sensors for the Japanese domestic market. He was also a key member of the team behind the development of innovative low profile heat detectors, the DSK and the DFQ, for Japanese domestic market that went on to win a good design award in Japan.

As well as overseeing advances in fire detection technology over the last 20 years, Dohi has lived through many changes in the industry, and at Hochiki itself. When he first joined the company, Hochiki was highly focused on the domestic Japanese market, but over the years has turned its gaze outward towards Europe and elsewhere, building regional teams to meet local market demands.

Dohi has found that, in Europe in particular, customers are no longer looking for the lowest cost solution for their fire safety needs, but are increasingly keen to find systems that offer added functionality and meet the aesthetic needs of their buildings. In his experience, gaining in-depth insight into the local market is the key to developing innovative technologies that meet customer requirements.

But in his time in the fire safety industry, there are things that haven’t changed. Hochiki, for example, still hand tests each and every one of its devices, rather than carrying out batch testing, something Dohi and the rest of the team are very proud of. This ensures that, no matter which product it is, or where in the world the customer is based, they can be sure that their fire detection system offers the highest standards of quality and reliability, upholding the safety and wellbeing of the people using the building.

Dohi is just one of many members of the Hochiki team who have stayed with the company over the years, honing their skills and expertise in fire safety. No doubt customers will be able to benefit from this experience for many years to come.

Further company information can be found on our web site at You can also contact Hochiki Europe on 0044 (0)1634 266 566, or email

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