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07/10/2014 / Graham Lowe


Due to the growing number of electrical systems which now support automated safety functions in the workplace, ensuring ultra-high levels of product reliability has never been more important.

Fire detection and control devices are used extensively in a range of working environments so, in the event of an emergency, the last thing anyone wants to worry about is the reliability of their smoke detectors or fire alarms. This is just one reason why having Safety Integrity Level (SIL) compliant products in the workplace is critical, particularly in high risk industries such as oil, gas and petrochemical.

Developed by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), the industry’s leading standard-setting body, the SIL rating (levels 1 through to 4) verifies the quality of safety systems by measuring a device’s performance and its probability of failure. The ultimate objective of the IEC is to enable global product acceptance by means of one standard valid in all markets.

Within the global rail transport, oil, gas and petrochemical markets, utilising SIL certified products is fast becoming a prerequisite for purchasers of workplace safety systems.

But what are the added benefits that come with acquiring SIL approved products? When it comes to workplace safety, the reliance on automated devices can be a daunting thought. The strict standards that come with a SIL rating apply to an entire life-safety system.

For those responsible for acquiring them, any SIL certified product should bring the assurance that those devices have already met the high standards of quality given by internationally recognised independent body. So what you’re actually getting is peace of mind.

SIL compliant products can include smoke sensors, multi-sensors, multi-heat sensors, manual call points, sounders and sounder beacons. By taking steps to guarantee that all workplace safety systems meet the same quantified standard of reliability, companies are proactively able to reduce the risk of dangerous failures, accidents, injuries and loss of life.

If you need more information on our SIL2 certified range of fire detection products, visit our website.  You can also contact Hochiki Europe on 0044 (0)1634 266 566, or email To find out more about the International Electrotechnical Commission visit their website.

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  1. Candost Yalcinkaya / Oct 7 2014 9:40 am

    As you said Graham, especially with automated devices, there could be a feel of not being in control and leaving things to chance. But SIL certified products address these concerns by giving peace of mind and confidence that the products will deliver when they are most required. Great post.

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